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Building A 1 Car Garage Plans

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1 Car Garage Plans ~ Garage Design

Mimi NapasarsMarch 24th, 2020. Garage Design, Building A 1 Car Garage Plans.

It wouldn’t be strange for a person who had bought a house without a garage, only to have one made at a later date. For some people, they consider building a garage for just one car wouldn’t be too economical, but with modern 1 car garage plans today, it shouldn’t be as expensive.

For people who know their way when it comes to carpentry, just building a shed for the car may not be enough. 1 car garage plans can be economical on its own, which is meant to store one car and just little room to store other things. A building permit is required when building a 1 car garage, and only a few days to complete.

The advent of 1 car garages was not common back in the day, where it would be more practical to just leave the car parked outside the driveway and that’s all it takes. Most American homes with built-in garages usually have room for two and with more than enough space for lofts.

With the recent report on vehicle crime, which involves theft and vandalism, car owners can pretty much rest with ease, knowing that the car would be safe. Seasonal changes such as snow would damage any vehicle, thus the need for 1 car garages that can be made inexpensively. And doable when attached to the main house for a much shorter walk.

Before purchasing, contacting a designer or contractor will definitely help when it comes to building a 1 car garage, where the standard size would be big enough to hold a pick-up truck. Most of these plans vary on design and can be purchased for less than $200 from most contractors and designers. A detailed list of materials, the foundation plans and anything else such as electricals schematics and the like are already included. Although some designers offer contractual work once construction has begun, they often advise the customer that the materials listed must be the ones on the plans, otherwise, the structural integrity of the garage would deteriorate in time.

Once construction has been completed, some 1 car garages may be installed with either a traditional wooden door or the current shutter types. Though most of these plans have been designed to include construction plans for wooden doors, it would be wise to choose a door that will make certain of the car’s security. Metal shutter doors, even though it’s considered as the sturdiest, can be very expensive and may often go through electric motor burns when used excessively due to the weight.

1 car garage plans have been selling rapidly over the past few years when most Americans would be content with owning just one car and invest with a garage just big enough for one. With the economy as it is, some homeowners would just build a 1 car garage just for the sake of having a small storage space or just a place that would be considered as a recreational room aside from the basement.

1 car garage plans are available on the internet for a little as $200, with enough details, plans and materials list to get it going. The initial investment would not cripple anyone, considering the space it requires and would definitely leave more for other things such as a backyard pool. But in this case, it’s all about economizing.

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